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Cashmere Golden Retrievers

Her first time in the showring at 4 months old, Budgy took a Sporting group 1 at the large Brooksville Fl circuit. She continued her success at these shows with a Sporting group 3 and then a Best Puppy in Show. As you see, Budgy wanted to make a big splash entry, and she did this by following up her 1st act with a Jr Dock diving title her 1st time out.

Budgy is fearless, versatile and fitting into her role at Cashmere. Loving her bird hunting only will add to her accomplishments to come.

Remarkably Budgy showed for the 1st time and won Winners Bitch at the Everglades 50th anniversary Specialty from the 6-9 puppy class for her first points. She then followed up with 2 Junior Hunter passes the next two days.

Soon after Budgy accomplished her Junior Hunter and Senior Hunter in straight passes by 12 months old.,,,making her one of the youngest Senior hunters 2022. She then went on to get her Wc and win Best of Opp Gun Dog at the 2022 GRCA National in Michigan. While there Budgy achieved her 1st Triathalon.

Please check back for more on Budgy in the near future.

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Budgy Stacked
Budgy and Ball
Baby Budgy
Angel Budgy
Budgy with my Bird
Budgy Lounging
Budgy with Bird
Swim Swim
Best Dressed
Budgy FL National
Budg Wec
Mom and Budgy
I Am Going
Loving my Swimming 3.5 Months
dock diver puppy budgy

4 Months

Sporting Group 1 Brooksville
Group 1 Budgy
Best in Show Budgy
Budgy 1st Show
Inline Triple
Rock Star
6 Months Getting Groomed
Dock Diver DJ
Specialty Winners Bitch & Best Puppy
On the move
National Best of Opp Gun Dog
Water Entry
Budgy National Duck
Launching Budgy
SH Budgy
Having Fun