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Cashmere Golden Retrievers proudly presents ....

Photo Removed


Stud Dog Owner's Request


See Pedigree link below for Photo



AmCh Nautilus Bold As Love "Axis" Pedigree


Puppies expected on or around 01/05/2012

Axis X Juicy babies at 33 days !!

Dreaming of puppies to come !

Puppies Are Here!! Four Males

5 Days Old
Just 2 Weeks Old
Sleep, Eat, Time out, Play

5 week firsts,outside-bath-stacks

White Boy

Yellow Boy

Red Boy
Purple Boy
Learning to Sit
Cleaning our plate
Desert at the Juice Bar,Yum!

6 weeks and doing Yard work

7 Weeks and Still Growing

Time in our Man Cave
Still spending time with Mom
Being a true Parrot head
Trying on some trouble
8 weeks
ok we got it ..SIT!
really not this bird
Bentley stealing the tutu
Brady ready to swim
I'm next
Brrr all in
The four Parrot Heads

8 week stacks

White Boy
Yellow Boy
Red Boy
Purple Boy
Birdie Boys on the Move

Puppies Go Home

George,Katie,& Wilson

Paul,Coral, Brittanee, & Bentley

Brenda,Roger,& Beamer

Linda & Brady