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Cashmere Golden Retrievers

Rocky came to us from De Le Vega Golden Retrievers. De Le Vega Golden Retrievers is the combined efforts of Yvonne and Pepito Herrera, Erika Bigott, and Jane and Greg Myers. Rocky is a Simba ex Melanie puppy from their wonderful breeding program.
Rocky is a kind and gentle soul with a personality larger than life. Rocky will smile when we are happy and be right by our side if we are sad. He will bounce around and act goofy when praised but frown too hard and we will hurt his feelings.
Rocky floats through life with an air of confidence. He brings this same confidence to the conformation ring. He has been expertly handled and maintained by Jane Myers and Erika Bigott. Just under two years and out to show with Jane for only a couple of weeks, Rocky earned all of his single points, including a Major. With several major reserves under his belt it is only a matter of time before he captures his last major and earns his Championship.
Watch for Rocky in the field as well. He has already done several live pheasant shoots and truly loves the birds. Rocky is driven, biddable and posses all of the natural instinct a Golden Retriever should have for the field. Rocky is..”Show” and “Go”!

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Baby Rocky
Rocky in the Field
Rocky in the Ring
Just Rocky !!
Rocky and friends
Breed Ring National 2011
CH Rocky at Westminster 2013